Laura Matchett, Program Manager, Network For Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE) Los Angeles

Thank you to Eric Rose for speaking with students at Jack London Continuation School about his work in  product development.  Eric effectively engaged the students by linking theory with real world practice and brought in some products for students to examine.  He spoke knowledgeably about the challenges that new entrepreneurs encounter when entering the marketplace and provided some suggestions of ways to overcome these challenges.  The students were impressed with his approachable demeanor and enjoyed the hands-on aspect to his presentation.  We look forward to working with Eric again in the future.

Rania Nasis, Chair, Society of Physician Entrepreneurs, Los Angeles Chapter

Eric is incredibly knowledgeable about the product innovation cycle and can skillfully break it down into discrete, easy-to-understand steps that even a first time entrepreneur can quickly grasp. His presentation to the Society of Physician Entrepreneurs was highly valued by our members.

Sarah Humm, LaunchHouse & Katie Van Dyke, Cleveland Small Business Development Center (SBDC)

Eric is the definition of approachable. He approached every guest before his speaking event to introduce himself and learn about their business and reason for coming. This personal attention made his talk, “Project Managing your Crowdfunding Campaign” even more valuable to those in the room. His talk focused on the big ideas about crowdfunding campaigns, but was filled with personal stories of his and of his clients. His talk was a thoughtful introduction to those just starting in crowdfunding, yet it had plenty of great information for those with some experience. We look forward to his return visits to his hometown of Cleveland!

Kathleen Allen PhD, Director, USC Marshall Center for Technology Commercialization

Eric has been a regular speaker in my graduate Technology Commercialization course for several years. He is clearly one of the favorites because students learn a framework for looking at product tradeoffs that they can use immediately. He teaches them a new way to view the world of invention and product development that really opens their eyes.

Garry Sato, Founder, Greensmart Sustainable Concepts LLC

“I was introduced to Eric in May 2014, he was recommended to me by an intellectual property attorney. I was told that Eric was a person who could help me as an advisor in my venture to commercialize a new product in the water conservation market. Eric has been a valuable advisor to me for my go-to-market strategy, product development, and manufacturing needs. As an entrepreneur working to launch a revolutionary product, I have found Eric’s help extremely valuable. I look forward to Eric’s continued support on my new venture launch.”

Alexander Bui, Co-Founder, BraceX Products

“I was introduced to Eric in June 2014, he was my mentor in the USC Greif Center for Entrepreneurship. Eric was assigned to me because of his expertise commercializing new products. As an entrepreneur and the Co-Founder of a healthcare products company, BraceX Products, I turned to Eric to help me address whether the intellectual property the company already had was a match for the market needs. Eric has guided me through an extensive effort of Customer Discover and Product/Market fit analysis. We now have new market-driven insights to move forward on the product’s development which will be an improvement over our current intellectual property. Eric and I are working to secure the product development partner who can turn these market insights into tangible product.”

Dr. B. Barcohana, Spine Surgeon

“I began working with Eric in October 2014 to have his help to translate my idea for a home-based product to improve the quality of people’s spinal health into a reality. Eric patiently lead me through the product innovation process from market opportunity analysis, product requirements creation, to the collaboration with a design and engineering firm to create working prototypes. Thanks to Eric’s guidance, my new product is now in its final stages of development and patents will soon be filed. If you are a medical professional with an entrepreneurial spirit and a new product vision, you should speak with Eric about having him help guide you through the chaotic product innovation process.”


Dave Stallard, VP Engineering, SMK-Link Electronics

“Eric Rose and I worked together at Interlink Electronics. We co-developed a training program to teach engineers and marketing managers the fundamentals of project management for new product development projects. The training was well-received and established a common language and model for running NPD projects. It also set a standard for project management performance.

During this same period, Eric took on the role of Project Manager for a critical and complex new remote control product. He did an excellent job and successfully delivered the product to mass production. He also provided a model for how such a project should be managed.”


Mark Gersh, Global Senior Product Manager

“Eric is a consummate product development professional. He consistently managed products with a strong focus on quality and meeting the expectations of the market. His attention to detail, unwavering focus, and knowledge in multiple fields of engineering were extremely valuable.”